Understanding Addiction as a Disease: Overcoming Perceptions to Support a Loved One Suffering from Substance Use Disorder

Recently, I watched as a good friend went from a happy, charismatic goofball to a withdrawn, quiet loner. He was falling deeper into his alcohol addiction, and the more I watched helplessly the more I tried to understand. There are so many misconceptions about drug and alcohol addiction. Some say … [Read more...]

Understanding Cognitive Distortions and Living in the Grey  

Looking at the world through a black and white lens is common in people dealing with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and other mental health conditions. This rigid way of processing actions and beliefs of your own, and others around you, can ease distressing symptoms … [Read more...]

Having Kids with a BPD Diagnosis

I had to research this topic quite a bit and found tons and tons of negative information. And, contrary to any blog out there, I will give you the ending first. It’s your call. Only YOU can decide whether or not to have children with your BPD diagnosis. I can tell you that if you are unstable … [Read more...]

BPD art and art therapy.

This May is BPD awareness month and all month we’ve been posting helpful and insightful articles here on the Roanne blog to try to do our part to help spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder. Estimates are a bit all over the map in terms of how much of the population is affected by … [Read more...]

Welcome to me – offensive film about BPD?

May is BPD awareness month and in an effort to help spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder we have been writing more blog posts than ever. Today we’d like to share another person’s blog post we found online about the film “Welcome to Me” starring Kristen Wiig. Welcome to me is a … [Read more...]

Video Diary of Struggling with BPD

Continuing with our efforts to help BPD awareness month this may we’ve stumbled across a video online that we believe is quite relatable to a lot of readers of our blog. This video shows a typical adolescent struggling to understand what the best method of treatment for BPD is. She goes on to talk … [Read more...]

BPD Documentary made by students in the UK

Continuing with our efforts to help spread awareness of BPD during BPD awareness month, we would like to share a video with you here today. This video was a simple school project some students made about BPD in the UK. Even though it’s a bit rough around the edges and lacks any slick Hollywood style … [Read more...]