Expertise & Staff


Roanne Program Clinical Directors

Jessica Breton, MA, MFT
Roanne Executive Director 

Will Owens, MA
Clinical Director

Anita Red, MD
Attending Psychiatrist

Rebecca DeLeon, MA, MFT Intern
Roanne Coordinator


Administrative Directors

Alisa Foreman, MA, MFT
Associate Executive Director

Admissions Team

Shannon Hagen
Admissions Director

Michelle Dabach, MA, MFT
Admissions Counselor



Department Directors

Jenna Madeiros
Director of Extracurricular Activities

Jennifer Bell Martin, MS
Director of Volunteer and Career Services

Melissa Martin
Director of Life Coaching

Ryan Hampton
Director of Chemical Dependency Services

Jessie Steinberg, MS
Administrative Director of Education


Marvin Belzer, PhD
Director of Roanne Mindfulness Training

Emily Rabuchin, MA, MFT
Clinical Therapist

Rebecca DeLeon, MA, MFT Intern
Clinical Therapist 

Kim Jensen, LMFT
Clinical Therapist

April House, M.A., MFT
Clinical Therapist

Kim Greeley
Clinical Therapist

John Irias, LMFT
Clinical Therapist


Linnea Pyne
Roanne Mindfulness Teacher