Dr. Robert F. Fischer, MD

Dr.Robert F. Fischer, Roanne Program

Dr. Robert F. Fischer, Founder Roanne Program, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Optimum Performance Institute

Dr. Robert F. Fischer, MD, is co-founder and Executive Director of Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) and a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist with nearly 35 years of experience helping families.

He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Psychoneuroimmunology, Mindfulness Awareness Research Institute.

Dr. Fischer has served as Medical Director and developer of programs at a number of psychiatric/residential treatment facilities, including Redding Specialty Hospital, Del Amo Hospital, and Ivy Lea Manor for Adults, Children, and Adolescents. He was Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine.

He received his MD from the University of Louisville in Kentucky and was a Fellow at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (Division of Child Psychiatry) after having served his residency at Los Angeles County/University of Southern California in Medical Center Adult Psychiatry.

Further elective study was done by Dr. Fischer at William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute Columbia, South Carolina in Adult Psychiatry/Neurology; at Rig’s Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark; in Pediatrics; at New York University Hospital New York, in Department of Pediatric Neurology; and at Albert Einstein Medical Center New York in Child Psychiatry.

Dr. Fischer recently was made a life member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Among the professional presentations Dr Fischer has made:

January, 2012, Young Adults, Borderline Personality Disorder and Joy – Presented at Psychiatric Grand Rounds at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with Edward Spencer, MD, and Jessica Breton from the Roanne Program and Geoff Puckett, Founder / CEO, Effectdesign. Inc.

November, 2003, Dynamics of Change: From Structured to Unstructured Settings, From Adolescent to Adult – Presented at a meeting of the Independent Education Consultants Association.

February, 1996, Chaos Theory and Brain Functioning – Presented at the 6th Annual Advanced Winter Brain Conference sponsored by FutureHealth. Presented with Tom Colura, Ph.D.

October, 1985, Creativity – Presented at the annual meeting, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

March, 1985, Dragons & Devils: A comprehensive Developmental Approach to the Understanding and Treatment of Childhood Psychosis – Presented at Del Amo Hospital, Torrance, California.

A member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr, Fischer also hold memberships in the American Psychiatric Association, California Psychiatric Association, and California Children’s Lobby.